ELECTRIC POWER’s highly attended networking receptions provide the opportunity to genuinely connect with others from the power industry. It’s not hours of waiting in line just to get a drink like at other industry events; you can grab your drink and be on your way to meet with peers in power generation!


Chicago Classic Opening Night Reception –– Monday, April 10 • 4:00 – 6:00 PM • Exhibit Floor

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Put some pep in your step as you take a jaunt through our Chicago Classic as we bring the excitement of the World Series to you! Round the bases as you munch on a Chicago Dog and stop along the way to relax with a glass of beer or wine and chat up a new friend. Whatever your style, the evening will be infused with laughter, good times and good industry networking during the Chicago Classic reception!   

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Blues Brothers Jazz Reception –– Tuesday, April 11 • 4:00 – 5:30 PM • Exhibit Floor

Get in the groove and find your inner blues soul as you don sunglasses and a fedora in typical Blues Brothers fashion at our jazz networking reception. Don’t be surprised by the mesmerizing mist that may surround you as you near a liquid nitrogen cocktail bar…grab a spiked ice cocktail, chat up the guy or gal next to you, and enjoy the moment at the Blues Brothers Jazz Reception!

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Around the World in 90 Minutes –– Wednesday, April 12 • 3:30 – 5:00 PM • Exhibit Floor

Savor the flavor of foods from around the world and test your palate with beers from corresponding countries. Walk the grounds and enjoy conversations with colleagues and peers as you travel the world tasting regional cuisines!

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PWR club

VIP Lounge  ––   Monday, April 10 – Wednesday, April 12 • Open during Exhibit Hall Hours

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All employees of generating companies are automatically eligible for a VIP experience at the POWER Club. Enjoy complimentary snacks, refreshments, wireless internet, charging stations, special receptions and more!

POWER Club Breakfast –– Tuesday, April 11 • 7:30 – 8:30 AM

Breakfast provided for attendees from generating companies on Tuesday morning.

Winner's Circle Breakfast –– Wednesday, April 12 • 7:00 – 8:45 AM

In the true spirit of sharing lessons learned and achieving goals in the power industry, the ELECTRIC POWER Conference invites you to join us for our Winners Circle Breakfast. This breakfast will highlight all POWER magazine top plants of the year and will allow a select few to share their story about what goal or milestone they reached to achieve this honor. All generating company personnel may attend at no cost, and we will allow non-generating company personnel to attend at a cost of $75 per person or $600 for a table of 10. Join us to learn more from the best of the best in the power industry!

  • Plant of the Year — Lausward Power Plant Fortuna Unit
  • Reinvention Award — Stephen Nelson, Longview Power
  • Top Renewable Plant—Youngheung Ocean Hydro Power Plant III – Lee Jang Soo, KOEN(Korea Energy)


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