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EP Sample Letter to Management

Download a Sample Trip Report to Management

EP Sample Trip Report

The education you will receive at the ELECTRIC POWER Conference is extremely valuable, though you may need to validate to management your reasons for wanting to attend. 

ELECTRIC POWER has compiled a justification toolkit that will help with those needs. We have included several helpful items, including a customized sample letter to management

It is important that you let management know the valuable education you will receive at the Conference. Stress the seminars and breakout sessions you will attend, the companies you will visit in the Exhibit Hall and the continuing education credits you can earn. A few ideas to include when compiling your request:

Conference Materials: Offer to share the information with co-workers. Bring home your conference materials to let co-workers share in the conference experience.

Current Speaker Lineup: At the ELECTRIC POWER Conference, you will have direct access to dozens of experts. Information sharing, question-and-answer sessions and networking are a vital part of the conference experience.

Networking Opportunities: Interact with other plant managers, engineers, plant operators, vice presidents, and presidents who share your same goals. These networking contacts can be invaluable once you return to work. The contacts you make at the conference can provide input far into the future on a variety of work-related topics. Learn more about all of our networking events here.

Special Programs: Regardless of company, fuel type, or career level, ELECTRIC POWER has something for you. Programs like Women in Power,Young Professionals in Power, Plant Management Institute, & PRB Coal Users' Group provide you the opportunity to engage in special content designed specifically for your niche. 

Exhibitor Guide: Between conference sessions, the education continues throughout the exhibit hall floor. Exhibitors are there to learn about your day-to-day challenges and discuss solutions. Here is your chance to ask the hard questions, and get real answers that will assist you with cost-effective efficiencies at your plant.

Attendee Certification: Customized certificates are available to verify conference attendance and session participation. These certificates may be included in personnel files to show training/education completed. 

Cost-Saving Features: We understand that spending 3 or more days away from your plant can be expensive, so we’ve worked to bring you savings wherever possible.

Sample Trip Report: Create a trip report after the conference. This report should discuss the sessions you have attended and how you will apply those concepts to your plant. Once your supervisor sees how much you have learned during the week and how it can be applied in your facility, they will be more likely to send you to a conference again. Click here for a sample trip report that may be used when presenting your request.


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